Bottle None Shampoo/Conditioner Set (w/ dish)

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be MORE consume LESS- low waste personal care, clean ingredients, accountability for industrial waste and all vegan and cruelty free

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Each set contains:

1x Shampoo Bar 60-65g

1x Conditioner Bar 45-50g

1x Travel Case/Soap Dish (recycled material)

the be CLEAR is for oily scalp. PH Balanced / Salon Grade / Natural.

the be YOU line is for all hair types.  PH Balanced / Salon Grade / Natural.

the be TAME line is for wild or curly hair.  Collagen stimulating bilberry extract and hydrating marshmallow root tame those wild locks without taming your wild spirit. PH Balanced / Salon Grade / Natural.

the be STRONG line is for dry and damaged hair.  Red Clover and plant based keratin is used to repair and strengthen your hair.  PH Balanced / Salon Grade / Natural.


directions: lather in your hands or directly on your hair.  Rinse and repeat.   If you use a lot of product in your hair, professionals advise on shampooing twice.  Avoid contact with the eyes.


directions: get the bar nice and hot in the shower. Massage throughout the hair and scalp. For long hair, grab a small handful and massage from root to tip.  Let set in hair as long as possible.

Storage Instructions: after each use make sure the bar dries completely out on a soap dish.  Do not store in the shower as the water and humidity can erode the bars faster.  Store in the open air and not the travel containers as it will make your bar nice and hard, and last longer. 

Quinn | 24.07.2020

Love this- I've tried a number of bar shampoos before and they all left my hair feeling gross, but this one works so well! The smell is amazing and the fact that I'm reducing my environmental impact is huge to me- I've used it for two weeks and haven't put a visible dent in it, so I know it's going to last for months so the cost is totally worth it

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