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Pure complex carbs for immediate and sustained energy.

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Training and carbohydrate nutrition must be designed to fit the body's fuel requirement, so that you finish every training session with the best expected performance of that session. If you are slower and weaker and out of energy towards the end of training, you will be slower and weaker and out of energy in the final, crucial minutes of competition. To grow faster and stronger you have to arrange your intake of carbs in such a way that you finish each training session with fuel to spare.

Why CARBO-PRO? There are nutrients which are building materials and nutrients that are fuel. Proteins, vitamins, minerals, and essential fats are predominantly building materials. They are used long-term to grow a better body. All carbohydrates are essentially fuel. They are used short-term, like gas in the tank. So the types and amounts of carbs to provide the right fuel mix, and the timing of their intake to provide an optimum supply, are critical for any particular performance to succeed. Furthermore, carbs reduce the use of muscle protein for fuel, and therefore spare that vital muscle tissue.

Non-sweet (plain flavor), provides safe, clean, efficient calories for any exercise activity.

Consume BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER, for Energy, Endurance, Recovery.

GMO-Free. GLUTEN FREE. Contains NO preservatives, sweeteners or additives.


You need 200 Calories per Hour during training or Racing

At least 2 Scoops of CARBO-PRO mixed in 12 oz of water per Hour of activity

For 2 Hours of Activity 400 calories to 600 calories

1. BEFORE: MIX 2 scoops in 12 oz of cold water and drink it at least 30 minutes before start

2. DURING: for each hour of activity MIX 2 scoops in 12 oz of cold water and sip throughout activity

3. AFTER: MIX at least Two (2) scoops in 12 oz of any fluid and drink within the first hour for optimal muscle-glycogen replenishment and recovery

NOTE:  A 150 lb. (68 kg.) athlete needs at least 300 calories per hour of exercise activity

= 3 scoops of CARBO-PRO


You may carbo-load with CARBO-PRO for three days before a major event. 2 scoops (200 calories) in 12 oz of cold water - once in the morning and once in the evening.

CONDITIONING/TRAINING: 2 scoops in 12 oz water. Drink within the first hour AFTER workout.

RACE/COMPETITION: COMPLEX CARBS are the most efficient source of Fuel. CARBO-PRO allows endurance athletes to adjust the intake of CARBS based on training or competition distance. A 150lb. athlete needs at least 300 calories per hour of activity @ 2 calories per hour, per lb. of body weight. One scoop of Carbo-Pro provides 100 calories of energy. The 60-cc scoop (inside container) holds approx. 25 grams of the product = 100 Calories.

One serving size =  200 Calories = as much carbohydrate content as 200 g (about 1/2 lb.) of cooked pasta; or as much as 430 g (about 1 lb.) of potatoes.

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