Routine Pizza Face Candle

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*LIMITED EDITION* Natural soy candles, handmade in Routine's very own R&D studio in Calgary, AB - the Brooklyn of the Prairies.

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Not only does this baby light up the room (like your eyes light up when your pizza arrives), but it sparks the age-long debate about pineapple on pizza. While we leave you to discuss on that, we've put pineapple in this candle (so you can bring warm, tropical vibes to your home during our not-so-nice winters).

The scent profile is pineapple, basil, coconut & vanilla. 
Just like our signature candle lineup, our newest creation is made from natural soy wax, and hand-poured in Routine's very own R&D studio right here in Calgary. Plus, it’s vegan, phthalate, paraben-free, and synthetic musk-free!

Pairs Well With: A fresh slice and a drizzle of hot honey.

Scent Profile: Pineapple, Basil, Coconut & Vanilla.

Size: 10 oz
Burn Time: approx 50 hours


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