Slow Bottled Sunday - Smoky Cherry Sauce

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Local British Columbia fruit!
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Cherry sweetness and chipotle spice. Summer’s richness bottled for year-round WOW. Use in the slow-cooker to impress guests with gourmet aromas. Add to sandwiches or veggie dogs to transform a quick snack into a culinary experience

We rescue BC-grown stone fruits at peak ripeness. They’re sometimes ugly on the outside but always delicious on the inside.

The results are sauces that taste naturally rich, look silky smooth, and help you reduce food waste. Nature doesn’t wait and neither do we.

How We Sauce it

  • Our first ingredient is always whole and locally grown
  • We gather food directly from the farmers
  • More real food sweetness for less added sugar
  • More real food flavor and no crap
  • Each bottle contains high quality food diverted from landfills
  • Our kitchen is vegan and free of gluten, nuts and dairy