Spark Hydration Pro Elite (450g)

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Spark Hydration Pro

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Make your water bottle your best friend against dehydration by adding electrolytes. SPARK SPORTS NUTRITION offers a unique ELECTROLYTES blend, specially designed to preserve the balance of your body. In addition to hydrating, electrolytes will help you avoid muscle cramps and optimize your endurance during your physical activities. Its dissolving index as well as its taste are exceptional. SPARK hydration products include three categories of high-quality ingredients: carbohydrates (slow, medium and fast release), amino acids and electrolytes. The major difference between SPARK PRO and SPARK PRO ELITE is simply the addition of caffeine. A dose of 50 mg will allow you to keep your focus and will help you to increase your performance, all without the possible side effects associated with caffeine 


Informed Choice is a comprehensive quality assurance program certifying all nutritional supplements and ingredients have been tested for prohibited substances by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and The new Gold Standard in North America ... SPARK Hydation Pro... NSF certifed ... Natural ... Health Care Canada Approved. 


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