Spark Nutrition Recovery Mix (300g)

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Spark Recovery

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Many studies have been performed proving the positive impact of protein consumption pre-and post-exercise. Benefits of protein timing include: muscle maintenance and hypertrophy, improved exercise recovery, improved body composition and enhanced immune function during periods of intense training (Andersen et al., 2005; Cribb, 2006; Esmarck et al., 2001; Flakoll et al., 2004; Hulmi et al., 2005; Kerksick and Leutholtz, 2005; Willoughby et al., 2007). The International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN) (Campbell et al., 2007) position stand on protein and exercise further documents the benefit of protein consumption pre- and post-exercise.

The consumption of a casein supplement results in a slower availability of amino acids, labeled a “slow protein.” Casein is water insoluble and coagulates, resulting in a slow- release mechanism of amino acids that is sustained at increased levels in the body for a longer period of time (Campbell et al., 2007; Wilson and Wilson, 2006). That’s why we have create SPARK RECOVERY.

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