Swim Training Equipment

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Stretch Cords Dry Land Swim Trainer
Keep your swim fitness. ...
Dry Land Swim Trainer
COLTING Colting Swim Calf
Extra floatation. ...
Colting Swim Calf
Arena Arena Powerfin Pro
The Arena Power Fin Pro is engineered for power training. This fin allows for a maximum power transfer from up-kick to down-kick. Made from silicone, ...
Arena Powerfin Pro
Arena Arena Powerfin
Improve your Kicking power with Arena Training fins Diamond shape tip. Exclusive sole design. Prevents blisters. Designed for power training. ...
Arena Powerfin
Arena Arena Kickboard
Perfect for working on the lower section of the body. ...
Arena Kickboard
Finis Finis Bolster Paddles
These FINIS Bolster Paddles help with proper technique, especially in freestyle swimming. ...
Finis Bolster Paddles
Arena Arena Elite Hand Paddle
This flat hand paddle is perfect for building strength and improving on stroke technique. ...
Arena Elite Hand Paddle
Finis Finis Agility Paddles
The Agility Paddles strapless design effortlessly teaches swimmers the correct palm positive position for every stroke. ...
Finis Agility Paddles
Finis Finis Freestyler Hand Paddles
Specifically designed for freestyle training, the Freestyler Hand Paddles plane the hand forward through the water, improving reach and distance-per-s ...
Finis Freestyler Hand Paddles
SPEEDO Speedo Power Paddles Plus
The Power Paddle Plus from Speedo is an excellent all-purpose training paddle, designed for increasing power on all swim strokes. ...
Speedo Power Paddles Plus
Finis Finis Tempo Trainer Pro
The Tempo Trainer Pro is an electronic training device that transmits an audible beep to help you develop a consistent pace and tempo. ...
Finis Tempo Trainer Pro
Arena Arena Pull Kick
The Arena Pullkick is an ingenious 2-in-1. ...
Arena Pull Kick

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