Voicing Change by Rich Roll

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“Meaningful conversation matters. It’s the antidote to what ails us. It’s the centerpiece to unlock the better self within. And it’s the solution to building a better, more united world.”

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At a time when many are seeking instant gratification, a shortcut to success, a proven hack to mastery, or a comfortable way through personal transformation, Rich Roll has made his process public—an exercise in counter-programming that has resonated with a global audience.

Central to his ongoing quest to unlock his best self, Rich has spent the last eight years convening with unique thinkers in medicine, business, human performance, spirituality, and the arts, broadcasting the enduring wisdom of this guests through his acclaimed podcast. Each conversation is a long-form deep dive shepherded by Rich’s insatiable curiosity and earnest quest for universal truths, life lessons, and the enduring inspiration that we can all benefit from. Voicing Change is a highlight reel of some of the weekly magic that transpires between one of the podcast medium’s most influential hosts and today’s most accomplished—or sometimes most cutting edge—minds and personalities.

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