Deanne Jabs puts on fabulous women's only triathlons. Register to do it yourself, or as a team. This race has something for everyone.
Sunday, June 7, 2015
Triathlon: 500m Pool Swim – 20 km Bike – 5 km Run
Duathlon: 2 km Run – 20 km Bike – 5 km Run
Visit: http://www.leapingdogracing.com/
Looking to get your little one involved in triathlon? Check out the clubs in Calgary that are geared towards helping your little triathlete succeed.
Kronos - http://www.trikronos.com/
Personal Podium - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Personal-Podium/746030158843520
Tri It will be hosting a water station on the Calgary Marathon route. Volunteers are needed to help out from 7am - 12pm on May 31st near Tri It (2640 Parkdale Blvd NW).
Be a super hero and sign up today!
Coached Open Water Swims
We know the first 100m of a triathlon are the most anxious for any athlete. We will be hosting a series of open water swim clinics to ease that stress. We go through swim starts, sighting and swim exits.

Check back soon for details.
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