ON Running - New "Next Generation" running shoes
You simply must try on these shoes! Protect your body, and propel yourself!

Equipped with the original CloudTec® system, the Cloudster features the unique running sensation of the On shoes: cushioned landing, barefoot takeoff.
Take your performances to the next level by starting with your core.Pilates lengthens muscles and in turn increases the flexibility you need to participate in many activities. You’ll find the exercises condition the whole body—even the ankles and feet, which contribute to healthy, balanced muscles!
Our fall CYCLING and BRICK classes are ready to go! You can now register for any of the classes being held at Tri It this fall by contacting the coach of the session. Click on the image to the left to view the schedule.
New This Week @ Tri It Last Updated on October 20, 2014
Garmin 920XT
$Coming Mid November...
Introducing Forerunner 920XT — with advanced features including running dynamics, VO2 max estimate, live tracking and smart notifications.
If you use a heart rate monitor and are sick of wearing a chest strap, the MIO Link will change your life! This wristband sync's with and ANT+ device! NO MORE CHEST STRAP!
“PocketFuel gives me real calories for real performance without the nasty effects of sugar dominant energy. I look forward to fueling because they are so tasty.” Born To Run Coach Eric Orton
Smith Pivlock
$See in store for pricing...
The lightest performance interchangeable, rimless sport style in the world today