Resale Wetsuits
Wetsuit Resale Guidelines:
• Wetsuits for potential consignment will only be accepted Wednesdays – Saturdays between 10 – 6pm
• Wetsuit must be free from rips, tears, holes or other damages. You may have your wetsuit repaired by Tri It, prior to consigning for a fee.
• We do not accept: paddling or water skiing wetsuits, shorty wetsuits, damaged wetsuits or Xterra brand wetsuits.
• NOTE: Please don't take it personally if some or all of your items are not a fit for our store. It may not always make sense to you, but our decisions are based on research and experience, and it's never our intention to disappoint.
• Wetsuits will be given a 60 day period to sell. If the wetsuit does not sell within the 60 day time period, it will be taken off the floor. The wetsuit must then be picked up within 30 days of being taken off the floor. Tri It is not responsible for wetsuits left longer than the period specified.
• Tri It will set a price that they feel is competitive enough to create a sale, but also profitable to the customer. Price will be set base on realistic value, current supply and demand as well as salability.
• When your wetsuit is sold, Tri It will provide the client with 50% of the cash from the price of the wetsuit sale or 100% credit towards merchandise at the store.
Wild Rose Women's Triathlon
New to Triathlon Clinic
May 18th from 6 - 8pm
*we will cover everything you need to know about taking on your first triathlon.
Register here:…/Event…/EventReg_SelectType.aspx
Tri It is excited to be a part of the new Wild Rose Women's Triathlon offered exclusively for women! Sprint and super-sprint distances available.

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Gift Card's Available
Not sure what to buy them for that perfect gift? Get them a gift card.

TriSwim Shampoo
Removes the Chlorine, Bromine, Salt, chemical odor, and eliminates "greenish tint". Restores, hydrates, nourishes.
eau-naturale Chamois Cream
The very first “Made in Canada” Chamois Crème.
- all natural, long-lasting, slightly cooling
- prevents chafing in friction areas
ON CloudFlyer Running Shoes
Cushion your landings like never before in this innovative shoe that features 16 high-profile Clouds to absorb both vertical and horizontal forces.