An Unlikely Champion - Lisa Bentley

An Unlikely Champion demonstrates how everyone can harness their inner fire to find their true purpose, achieve their goals and become world class, no matter what the field.
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An Unlikely Champion redefines winning. It will show you how to adopt a champion’s mindset, carve out your unique excellence and achieve success in any endeavor.

Ironman champion Lisa Bentley chronicles her path from “no-talent” high school runner to champion triathlete, and her transition from hiding her cystic fibrosis to seeing it as a gift that enables her to bring hope to others and meaning to her own career greater than any found on a racecourse.

But An Unlikely Champion is not about winning races. It’s not about cystic fibrosis. It’s about winning in life, about being the best you can be with the cards you’ve been dealt. It is about finding a path to fulfillment even when every path looks impassable. It is about having the courage to get out of your comfort zone, to never stop learning and to turn seemingly inevitable failure into victory.


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