Sailfish Atlantic 2 Women's Wetsuit

No matter whether you are regularly or "only" occasionally in the open water, this reliable and comfortable wetsuit is going to take you places in the water!

No matter whether you are regularly or "only" occasionally in the open water - a reliable and comfortable wetsuit accompanies you on every occasion and for every occasion. Especially for all less performance-oriented activities around the topic of open water, a robust and reliable wetsuit is of particular importance. It gives you the good feeling of always being safe. This also applies when the water temperatures rise and you still don't want to do without a reliable companion. With the sailfish Atlantic you get exactly this partner for every occasion at your side.

Pure durability - The high durability of the Atlantic is achieved by the use of sailfish Speedflex neoprene. Durable and elastic at the same time, it leads both the striving for maximum mobility and a low sensitivity in regular use, to success. As a genuine longlife neoprene, it is textile-laminated on both sides and thus particularly resilient.

Protection and mobility through optimized neoprene thicknesses - A good wetsuit does not have to be thick. The Atlantic proves this anew with every excursion into the open water. A continuous neoprene thickness of 1.5 millimeters provides you with the desired protective effect without creating an insulating effect that is unfavorable for higher water temperatures. So you can always keep a cool head in the truest sense of the word and fully enjoy the open water. To make it easy to put on and take off, the material on the lower leg is thinned down to 0.5 millimeters.

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