Sailfish Ignite Women's Wetsuit

The Sailfish Ignite is packed with new features that will take your open-water experience to the next level.

Technical Features:
-durable and smooth, surface coated neoprene allows for good buoyancy and low frictional resistance in water
-neoprene lined with fabric on both sides which ensures, beside a better visibility, less abrasion and longer durability
-flexible inner material that ensures exceptional wearer comfort and low power loss in the shoulder and arm area
-armpit panel on the shoulder and back area for greater freedom of movement and a more efficient stroke
-panel pattern, ergonomically adjusted in the groin, leg and hip areas, ensures that the neoprene fits perfectly
-low, flat collar with a soft neck finish.
-eye-catching, long life neoprene panels increase visibility

100% neoprene bonded to nylon

Material thickness:
Arm-Shoulder: 1.5mm
Chest: 3mm
Thigh: 3mm
Lower Leg: 3mm

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