Sailfish One 7 Men's Wetsuit


You love triathlon and continuously push yourself to compete – and you’re not alone. A worldwide community of triathletes shares your passion for athletics. The Triathlon Wetsuit sailfish One 7 offers everyone who appreciates the challenge of competing and constantly redefining their own limits the foundation to achieve new levels of performance. Safety and performance are the guiding principles by which we constantly rethink the One to make its proven concept even better for athletes and swimmers driven to push their boundaries.

A BUOYANCY MIRACLE - Greater buoyancy means a more stable, faster water position. The One 7 uses Aerofloat, a three-layer neoprene with enclosed air cells that make you feel like you’re literally flying through the water.
FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT AND STABILITY - The greatest possible freedom of movement does not need to compromize stable body position in the water. Quite the opposite – the One 7 combines these properties in a sophisticated overall construction that benefits both performance-oriented athletes and newcomers in a wide range of events and distances.The Zero Resistance Panel allows for energy-saving effective technique by supporting optimal arm pulls underwater. The number of seams has been reduced to prevent irritation. At the same time, the Stability Torso and anatomically shaped Hip Panel ensure a stable and streamlined water position.
COORDINATED NEOPRENE THICKNESSES FOR MAXIMUM EFFECT - 4.5mm of neoprene keeps your chest and thighs at the water's surface, minimizing your body’s form and increasing your speed. 2-3mm makes the lower leg both comfortable and mobile without sacrificing buoyancy. Shoulders and arms benefit from a minimal neoprene thickness of only 1.5mm to save energy as you convert technique into propulsion.
TRAINING AND COMPETITION - Your suit will only become a valuable tool if it’s comfortable to wear. Our Comfort Inner Liner, constructed of a new type of nylon fiber that ensures maximum comfort through a soft surface that is pleasant to the touch and highly flexible. The Flex Collar is flush and does not restrict head rotation, while the Quick Release supports you in the ‘fourth discipline’ with a quick and easy removal of the suit in the transition area.
ROBUST, DURABLE AND FAST - The Speedflex neoprene of the One 7 combines buoyancy, comfort and durability to boost your performance at any distance, whether you’re at the front of the pack or in the dense field of age-groupers. Our innovative Hydro Coating also delivers outstanding gliding properties that further enhance your progress as you make your way to mastery.
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