Customer Support/FAQ

Store Location

1703 10th Ave SW
Calgary, AB T3C 0K1


[email protected]


Store Hours

MONDAY - THURSDAY 10:00am - 6:00pm

FRIDAY & SATURDAY: 10:00am - 5:00pm



1 Online Orders
1.1 How long will it take to get my online order?

Orders placed BEFORE 4pm each day will be shipped out the same business day. It will typically take 2 - 7 business days for you to receive your order from the time it is shipped. This largely depends on where you are located.

1.2 Can I return my online order?

If there is an issue with the product or sizing, please contact us at [email protected] and we will help make it right. We do not cover shipping costs for returning product. Please note, sale items and wetsuits are always final sale.

1.3 There is something on your site but no 'add to cart' button- what is happening?

If there is no 'add to cart' button for the variants you have selected, that means we do not have that product in stock at the moment. The 'add to cart' option will only appear for items that we currently have in stock

1.4 I see a product online- is it in store too?

Yes! Whatever you see on our website is what we have in store. When you place an online order, we pull your item(s) off the retail floor.

1.5 Can you ship my wetsuit rental to me?

No, we do not ship our wetsuit rentals. We only do rentals via in store pick up as we require a waiver to be filled out and shipping wetsuits within a strict time frame can be unreliable. Once you have your wetsuit rental in hand, you can take it wherever you'd like, just as long as it is back in store on the agreed upon date!

2 Retail Location
2.1 You didn't have my size in store- is there another location I can go to?

No, we are a small and local business and there is only one of us! We do not have any other locations or warehouses to draw inventory from. If there is something you are looking for, shoot us an email at [email protected] and we'd love to see what we can do for you

2.2 Are there things in your store that aren't online?

Nope! All of what you will see in store will be on our website too

2.3 I need advice on triathlon, swimming, running or biking- can you help me?

Absolutely! We always say that advice is free. We are more than happy to chat with you about how to get started, the necessary gear and how to plan your nutrition. We also have an assortment of local experts that we can refer you to, depending on what exactly it is you're looking for! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call, email or stop by the store and ask

3 Clinics and Classes
3.1 Do you offer any classes?

Yes! We offer a handful of training classes, like our Saturday morning brick sessions, yoga or our new RCTY (run, cross train, yoga) classes. We don't run these classes year round but if you're looking for one, it will be located under the "classes" tab on our website. You can also send us an email at [email protected] to inquire about when new classes will begin

3.2 What sort of clinics and seminars do you offer?

We regularly do free New to Triathlon and Nutrition classes throughout the year, with most of them occurring in the spring and summer. These will be posted on our Instagram or Facebook, where you will be able to reserve your spot. We do offer other classes sporadically as well, like Bike Maintenance, Running clinics and Swim clinics. These will also be posted on our social medias, or featured under the "classes" tab on our website

3.3 I don't see a "classes" tab on your website?

If you don't see "classes" as an option on our website at the moment, that means we don't currently have anything offered, OR what we are offering is free and therefore is only posted on one of our social media accounts. Check back regularly for updated class and clinics information